Looking for a hot tub rental in Aspen? Look no further!

3, 7 person Monterey models (Electric Blue, Burnt Orange, Taupe)

1, 4 person Cascina Bright Pink


At Soak Hot Tubs,  we offer our top-of-the-line day spas to anyone ready to spend their weekend full of relaxation and fun! We understand how tough it can be to find a reliable source when you’re looking for hot tub rentals, so we’ve taken out all of the hassle! Provided below is a list of our summer and winter rates. For more information on our hot tub procedure, reach out to one of our certified hot tubs specialist at info@soakhottubs.com No more worrying about where to find hot tub rentals in Aspen! Rent your hot tub today!

*Winter weather will require 24-36 hours of heat up time. 

Please plan accordingly. Access to a hot water source is highly recommended to fill and to periodically top off the hot tub. Rates listed are based on residential rentals. If you would like to rent for an event please contact us for rates.

Winter rates
  • $550 per weekend with set up by 12pm on Thursday – removed by 12pm on Monday
  • $950 per week  set up Monday – Monday
  • $1700 per week month
Summer rates
  • $395 per weekend – Set up by 12pm on Friday – removed by 12pm on Monday
  • $850 per week –  Set up by 12pm Monday – removed by 12pm on Monday
  • $1,600 per month
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