Aspen Hot Tub Rental

Aspen Hot Tub Rental! Rent our 4-person, 17 jet, 5’2 x 5’10” x 33”, 205 gallon Freeflow Cascina spa!

Have a short term need or want for an Aspen Hot Tub Rental at SOAK? Look no further!

We have a Aspen Hot Tub Rental Freeflow Casina available for weekend rentals.  Price includes set up, break down, pick up and delivery.

*Winter weather will require 24-36 hours of heat up time. 

Please plan accordingly. Access to a hot water source is highly recommended to fill and to periodically top off the hot tub.

Winter rates
  • $550 per weekend with set up by 12pm on Thursday – removed by 12pm on Monday
  • $950 per week  set up Monday – Monday
  • $1700 per week month
Summer rates
  • $395 per weekend – Set up by 12pm on Friday – removed by 12pm on Monday
  • $850 per week –  Set up by 12pm Monday – removed by 12pm on Monday
  • $1,600 per month