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We are Aspen Hot Tubs and Endless Pool Experts and exclusive distributor of Caldera and Endless Pools. Soak Hot Tub and Endless pools is the only Aspen Hot Tubs showroom with a swim spa on display in Western, Colorado. We provide an experience that caters to people looking for stress relief, aquatic fitness, rehabilitation of any kind, resistance training through the use of an underwater treadmill.

FOR OVER 25 YEARS, ENDLESS POOLS has sold more than 20,000 pools to people of all ages and athletic abilities, from octogenarians to Olympians, for swimming, exercise, therapy and fun. Soak Hot Tubs and Endless Pools brings that experience to the Roaring Fork Valley.

The broad, deep, adjustable current produced by our custom 16″ propeller creates the smoothest current available. Manufactured in the United States, our products meet the highest standards for safety, durability and quality.

The success of Soak Hot Tubs and Endless Pools is a direct result of our continuing commitment to customer satisfaction. With qualified architects, designers, engineers, and customer service professionals, we’re ready to help you plan, install and maintain the Endless Pool of your dreams. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, and offer lifetime Toll Free support.

At Soak Hot Tubs and Endless Pools, we do more than sell Aspen Hot Tubs and exercise pools. We design and carefully construct a product with extraordinary benefits that can bring positive change and help transform your life. A Caldera spa and/or Endless Pool gives you access to effective warm water massage therapy right at home, helping you feel renewed and refreshed, even when you have only a few moments to spare.

With a Caldera® Spa or Endless Pool from Soak Aspen Hot Tubs and Endless Pools, you release the accumulated stress of daily life. You accelerate recovery of tired muscles from your workout or whatever other activity is important to your quality of your life. You calm your thoughts and rejuvenate your mind. You always have the chance to emerge from a hot tub changed, improved.

You can become more relaxed. Rejuvenated. Soothed. Tensions release. Your body, as a result of hot tub hydrotherapy, is warmed, more flexible and limber. Pain is alleviated. Your mind clears and is calmed. You are transformed.

Whether your tension is from workplace stress or recreational activities that range from gardening to golf, cycling to sitting at your computer, tension accumulates in your body. Releasing that stress is important to your physical health as well as your attitude, and affects nearly every part of life, potentially including from how well your immune system functions to how well you relate to the people around you.

The Roaring Fork Valley is a special place that we’ve called home for generations. We service and support our clientele in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It’s our commitment to this community that will make your experience with Soak Aspen Hot Tubs and Endless Pools surely an enjoyable one.