December 2017 Newsletter

Winter is by far the most amazing time of the year to use your hot tub.

There is nothing better than feeling all the cold air around you as you submerge your body into warm, bubbling, 100-104 degree water after a long day on the mountain.

Hot Tub Benefits for your Fitness Routine
by Caldera Spas (

Warm water is a powerhouse for recovery ( . The healing benefits of water have been known since 5th century B.C. when the Greek physician Hippocrates ( , widely considered the Father of Medicine, documented the therapeutic uses of water “hydropathy ( “.

As an athlete, you already know that ice applied to sore muscles will temporarily relieve pain ( . But did you know that the combination of full immersion plus heat and targeted jets can massage and recharge your muscles? Time in a warm spa, especially those equipped with soothing jets, increases blood circulation ( so the blood can supply nutrients to help cells and tiss

By implementing better, more mindful recovery strategies into your routine, such as hot tub therapy ( , you’ll combat everyday stressors and the stressors that are common to athletes, such as performance anxiety ( .

Hot tub hydrotherapy as part of your workout regimen will add a new facet to your mind-body connection.

When you learn techniques for a positive attitude ( , you’re likely to perform

at a much higher level, according to Dr. Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer and co-author with Dr. Mehmet Oz on the best-selling YOU series of books ( .

In other words, a clear head plus revitalized muscles can give you the competitive edge you’re chasing.

Your Caldera hot tub is specially equipped with targeted hot tub massage jets ( and optimally designed hot tub seats ( so you can navigate the entire hot tub, spending a few minutes at a time on all your muscle groups from the bottom of your feet all the way up to your shoulders and neck. We call this Hot Tub Circuit Therapy ( .

Control the intensity of your hot tub jet massage ( by adjusting the jet controls for your particular target area.

Ranging from a deep forceful massage to a gentle, relaxing sensation, pick the perfect setting for you.

Overall, this concentrated attention
aids in recovery between runs or games, offers you a more restful sleep ( , and helps release mental tension—a full recharge, allowing you to start fresh the next day.

No pain, no gain? Quite the opposite.

A healing-yet-energizing circuit in your hot tub may make the difference in your fitness regimen, allowing you to beat your personal best or reach goals you never thought possible.

If you have major injuries, check with a physician to find out how hot tub therapy can benefit your individual healing process.
Recommended Products of the Month
Stocking Stuffers for the Swimmer
Finis Snorkel

FINIS™’ Swimmers Snorkel is specifically designed to help swimmers concentrate on their head position and body alignment by removing the head movements required for breathing.

$ 26.00

Finis Silicone Swim Cap

The FINIS Silicone Swim Cap is a great cap for training or race day. The silicone composition lasts longer than typical latex caps and offers a smoother fit that won’t pull your hair.

$ 8.00

TYR Polarized Swim Goggle

This device uses revolutionary, patented Bone Conduction audio to transmit high-fidelity audio through the cheekbones directly into the inner ear. With a sleek, two-piece design , this waterproof MP3 player uses integrated control buttons and goggle brackets to make swimming to music easier than ever before.

$ 60.00

Underwater Headphones

This device uses revolutionary, patented Bone Conduction audio to transmit high-fidelity audio through the cheekbones directly into the inner ear. With a sleek, two-piece design , this waterproof MP3 player uses integrated control buttons to make swimming to music much easier.

$ 158.00

Stocking Stuffers for the Soaker
Spazazz RX Therapy Crystals
Spazazz Rx Therapy aromatherapy crystals are an affordable indulgence that will enhance your hot tub experience every time you get in. The moisturizing botanicals increase skin hydration and pampers your skin while the long lasting aroma’s soothe your senses.

$ 17.00

*Buy 3 and save 10%*
Kool Tray
This floating tray offers holes of various sizes to accommodate a mixed assortment of snacks, beverages, containers, and personal articles- The reverse side features a checker/chess board!

$ 29.99

Kool Kaddie

TRC’s Recreation Kool Kaddie Floating Drink Holder will keep your beverage cool and within reach when you’re relaxing in a pool. Get yours today!

$ 12.99

Maintenance Tip of the Month

It is vital to know the best water care options for your hot tub. Educating yourself is the key to develop a cache of tools that alleviate any water related challenges. You will build confidence in your routine as you achieve and maintain proper water chemistry. Keeping your hot tub ready to serve you and your family is the goal. Sparkling, clean, clear water will propel you past the goal line. Let’s plunge into the knowledge.

Learn more on how to keep your hot tub clean with this comprehensive Guide to quality hot tub maintenance.
A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Hot Tub Maintenance (

12.1 – Light Up Willits ( with Santa & Mrs. Claus in the Willits Triange Park
12.9 – Aspen’s 12th Annual Summit for Life ( Uphill Race
12.15 – Snowmass’ 50th Anniversary Celebration (

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