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Exercise of the Month:

How Can I Avoid Back Issues On A Summer Road Trip?

Thinking about taking a road trip this summer? Would it put you in the driver’s seat for a half day or more? Spending time in the same seated position can take its toll on your back, shoulders and legs. And with recent studies discovering the negative effects of sitting too long, it is a good idea to have a strategy in mind before you leave. Following are a few tips for your trip, starting with your hot tub.

How can I use my hot tub to prepare and recover from travel in the car?

You can’t take your hot tub with you, but that does not mean it can’t give you an ideal beginning and conclusion to your trip. Try this approach. Get ready, and then load your luggage into the car. Now take the time for a 20-minute soak before you get in the car and start your trip.

How does a hot tub help relieve back pain?

In your Caldera® hot tub, the water’s warmth and buoyancy will help decompress your spine and improve circulation throughout your back, loosening it up and making you feel more flexible.

Use the appropriate hot tub jets to target your lower back and your shoulders; two places that tend to tire when you spend hours in a car.

Your soak will also help put you in a pleasant, more relaxed state of mind. Anyone who is left in a rush knows how stressed you can feel at the beginning of a trip.

We think that starting your drive with a refreshed outlook, flexible muscles, loosened joints and a positive state of mind is the ideal way to start any vacation.

How does a hot tub help relieve back pain?

Here are some more ideas about how you can stay loose and alert during your drive: Continue Reading….


Product of the Month

SpaGuard’s Stain and Scale Control (1qt) enable spa owners to prevent and remove stains caused by iron, copper and manganese, as well as scaling caused by a high level of calcium. Stain and Scale Control’s formula bonds to troublesome metal ions in your spa water and filtering them out, eliminating scale build-up that causes cloudy water and can clog up filters, and other metals that cause unsightly stains.

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August Events

8/2– Music on Market Street 5-8pm
8/3–  Soak’s Endless Pools “Rock & Row” Accessory Sales Event Begins
8/3– Carbondale’s First Friday “Hot Tubs & Hot Rods” 5-9pm
8/7- National Night Out in Willits Triangle Park 5-8pm
8/11Aspen Back-country Marathon & Half Marathon


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