Breaking News! Meet the first 100% maintenance FREE hot tub from Caldera Spas!

Well folks, it has finally happened.
Caldera Spas is now the hot tub industry leader as they have created the first 100% MAINTENANCE FREE HOT TUB.

These tubs are delivered to your house through teleportation already filled with hot water and ready for soaking.  The best part is the filters never need to be cleaned, the pH is always perfect, no sanitizers are needed, the water levels never get low, and every time you get in the water is hot, clean and ready for you to enjoy- Hydrotherapy has never been so easy!

Just how has Caldera Spas managed to make this innovative spa work?  Magical Elves.

These three inventors were previously known as the Keebler Cookie Elves.  2017 was a BIG year in the cookie industry, so after getting “burnt out” they decided to make a bold career change to spa engineering. During their changeover, they legally changed their names and are now known as Bubbles, H2O, and Splash.

Thanks to these three little geniuses and the Caldera Spas design team, the most magical soaking experience is available to all spa owners.  There is no need to worry about taking care of your soaking station as Bubble, H2O and Splash live inside the spa itself to do all necessary maintenance.  Not only have they taken the homeowner’s maintenance requests into consideration, but they are “Going Green” by making all Caldera Spas 100% solar powered.  No more monthly energy costs for operation as the solar panels are now built into the siding and cover of the hot tub.

You may be asking yourself, but how can three elves maintain ALL hot tubs?  Cloning. In addition to making the very first line of maintenance free hot tubs, this team is successfully cloning themselves so that all three “of them” live in each unit.  Bubbles, H2O and Splash are killing it in 2018 with their scientific breakthroughs.

Looking to replace your hot tub this year?
Shop Caldera Spas by CLICKING HERE.


Recommended Product of the Month

Miracle Bubbles

Hot tub feel a little boring?

Fill 75% of your hot tub up with Miracles Bubbles and turn the jets on high.   Your day & night will be filled with an outdoor bubble party.

The fun never ends!


Local Events

April 1- April Fool’s Day!

April 2- April Fool’s Day #2

April 1-32: Free Ski Passes to all Roaring Fork Valley residents throughout the entire month of April to make up for the lack of winter we’ve had this year.

April 15- Tax Day. Everyone gets a $1,000,000 refund!


Tip of the Month

Some spa owners just can’t keep their water crystal clear and balanced.   No matter how much neglect the hot tub has had, the water just keeps getting cloudy and green. Our solution? Burn it!…and buy a new Caldera Spa (Bubbles, H2O and Splash included in pricing).








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