Caldera Spas

Immerse yourself in the all-exclusive technology of a Caldera® Spa!

Soak Hot Tubs & Endless Pools is the #1 provider of Caldera Spas in Colorado! Whether you’re looking for a hot tub big enough to host a weekend party, or a luxury spa cozy enough to bring comfort for two, our selection is sure to leave you satisfied. In addition, with its powerful hydrotherapy massage and its innovative jet-setting system, there’s no doubt that the Caldera Spa will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease! Because of our devotion to excellence, our certified experts make sure to carry a selection of day spas that fit all lifestyles. Equally important, we pride ourselves on our continued eagerness to make sure that you are truly getting the hot tub of your dreams! Scroll down to learn more about this innovative day spa that provides you a high-quality motor and stylish design!


  • The Utopia® Series represents our finest luxury spas and the ultimate rejuvenation experience.
  • Seats 6-8 adults.
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  • Get an immersive hydrotherapy massage with a superior blend of options and practical functions.
  • Seats 3-7 adults
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  • The broadest range of therapeutic benefits at the greatest value.
  • Seats 2-7 adults
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